Editorial - Dieter Holzer, CEO of the TOM TAILOR GROUP

„We're stepping it up.
    And pushing ahead…“

I am pleased to present you this year’s company magazine. The title RELOAD gets to the heart of our current agenda: Stepping it up. Pushing ahead. We are future-proofing our company against the challenges the textile industry is facing, doing business sustainably and aiming to increase value in the long run for our customers, our company, our employees, our investors and all of our other partners.

In just a few years digital transformation has altered every facet of our lives and triggered a rapid structural shift in many industries. Customer standards and shopping habits have changed drastically as a result in the textile industry, among other sectors. In the past a clothing item may have been fashionable for a whole season, whereas today’s trends are emerging minute by minute on social media. Customers then demand a particular style almost immediately. The supposed contrast between impersonal online shopping transactions and the carefully crafted emotional experience of shopping in a brick-and-mortar store no longer exists for customers. They often move seamlessly between the two worlds — a challenge for all textile merchants.

By addressing this sea change and the resulting opportunities for growth, the TOM TAILOR GROUP remains competitive: we are becoming more flexible and more agile so that we can understand our customers and their wishes even better. While doing so, we are focusing on our core markets and core brands. We will gradually digitise all interfaces, service areas and information units. In the interest of delivering out standing customer service, we are purposefully and intelligently linking our online and brick-and-mortar channels. These changes mark a new era at the TOM TAILOR GROUP — both operationally and culturally as we move into a Digital Culture.

We would be pleased if you continued on this path with us in the future.

Yours sincerely,

Dieter Holzer Unterschrift

Dieter Holzer

Hamburg, March 2016

Dieter Holzer
 Dieter Holzer 

Dieter Holzer has been managing
seit September 2006.

His responsibilities include
corporate strategy, distribution,
e-commerce and public relations.
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